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Talent and passion for music can take one to the very top. On the way, however, there are going to be showbiz traps. There is money, fame and fan crowds involved. Will a young girl be able to fight for her dreams in this no-holds-barred world where fame is so elusive? A controversial talent show called "Music Race" keeps looking for talented singers all over the country. The decision on who will be started-up for a career and who will get a cold shower is always up to the three jurors: a once-popular singer, Olo (Maciej Zakoscielny), social media queen, Ewa (Julia Kaminska), and the dame of Polish jazz, Urszula Dudziak (playing herself). During an audition held in Olos home town, there is a row. The person who starts it is "Ostra" (played by Katarzyna Sawczuk). The rebel teen is outraged by the jurors arrogant and dismissive behaviour towards her mother (Anita Sokolowska). The small scandal suits the shows producer (Tomasz Karolak), who pushes "Ostra" through to the next stage. There, it will turn out that the girl doesnt just have a fiery temper, but a great voice as well. Success, though, comes at a price. Being popular is not as pleasant as many people think. Our teenage hero will have to face a genuine test of integrity and character. The young star is about to take on her stage competition, the ruthless world of show business, and, most importantly, her own feelings.


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